Sterilizers, vacuum dryers, ancillary supporting equipment and control systems for the Industrial & Commercial market.

ETC Sterilization Systems designs and manufactures sterilizers under one roof, right here in the US. Our capabilities provide the proper size chamber for optimum sterilizer performance and utility consumption that meet or exceed your specifications.

  • ETC Sterilization Systems

Since our founding in 1969, ETC Sterilization Systems has pioneered several innovations in sterilization technology, a few examples are:

  • Our revolutionary sectional autoclave offers clients a cost-effective solution to replacing land-locked autoclaves.
  • ETC’s hot air jacket design provides excellent temperature distribution within the chamber, while increasing the life cycle of the vessel and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to improve equipment performance
  • Safety is enhanced by providing ASME certified chambers.

Our commitment is to help you to improve your business by optimizing the efficiency of whatever your sterilization requirements may be.