Mini Bulk Steam Sterilizers (Autoclaves) are designed for sterilization cycles in the range of 100° C to 138° C (212° F to 280° F).


A variety of pre-configured cycles are available to meet your requirements.  The sterilizers / autoclaves are designed and manufactured in accordance with Section VIII, Div. 1 of the ASME Pressure Vessel Code.

  • Medium Bulk Steam Sterilizers with Easy Glide Cart
  • Medium Bulk Steam Sterilizers

Standard sizes and design features include:

  • Manufactured to the ASME PV Code, Section 8, Div.1
  • 316L S/S Inner Chamber & 304L S/S Outer Jacket
  • 40 PSIG & Full Vacuum Rated Vessel
  • Matte Internal Finish
  • Single or Double Hinged, Horizontal Sliding, or Vertical Sliding Door Configuration
  • Floor Mounted
  • Recessed 1 or 2 Walls or Cabinet Enclosed
  • Left or Right Mechanical Mounting & Access (please specify)
  • 2” Mineral Wool with an. Aluminum Covering
  • Standard Copper, Brass, & Bronze Piping System & Non-proprietary Components
  • Once-Through Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump System
  • Automatic Condenser with On Demand Effluent Cool-down (water reducer)
  • 0.2 Micron, Chamber Vacuum Relief Filter
  • Non-proprietary PLC control system with Touchscreen OI, 20-Cycle Storage and Printer
  • Cycle Status Panel @ Unload End (Double Door Only)
  • Precision Door Seal Grooves / Surfaces
  • Complete Factory Testing
  • (1) Hard Copy of OEM Manual & CD
  • 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • 15-Years Structural Warranty

Sectional Autoclaves
The Sectional Autoclave grew out of a need by our customers to replace older, bulk-sized autoclaves that were virtually land locked within their facilities. Replacing the units with a conventional one-piece autoclave of the same size would have been extremely costly and disruptive to facility operations. ETC designs its Sectional Autoclaves in 2 or more pieces, depending upon access through the facility and/or elevator weight capacities. The Sectional Autoclave can be provided with any of our three door configurations.

Easy Glide Loading Carts
The Easy Glide Loading Cart was designed for use with medium and bulk-sized floor mounted autoclaves, where open space at each end of the autoclave was very limited. The Easy Glide Loading Cart eliminates the need for the traditional external transfer carriage. This frees up space normally occupied by the transfer carriage.

Vertical Rising Door Autoclaves
Additionally, our Vertical Rising Door Autoclaves have continued to provide increased processing capacity for our customers. It is a practical alternative for those who are seeking to maximize use of facility interstitial space and minimize the excessive floor and pit space required by autoclaves with horizontal sliding doors.

These innovations have proven to be highly reliable, safe, easy to maintain, and can actually save you money. ETC continues to offer the largest selection of chamber cross-sections and overall sizes to accommodate any configuration of Bulk Steam Sterilizer. By offering three different door configurations, we can insure that the best use of facility space is attained.

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