Second Floor Sterilizer Installations Made Easier with Modular Autoclaves

Installing a Mini bulk or Bulk autoclave on the upper or lower floors of a facility can present numerous logistical and financial issues. Often, autoclaves will not fit onto freight elevators and/or exceed the elevator weight limit. There should be a way to get the large size autoclave into place without making significant and costly facility adjustments and without significant disruptions to the animals and facility operations.

The Autoclave from ETC Sterilization Systems can be installed in Modular Sections.

How is this done?

ETC technicians visit the site and take careful measurements of the proposed route to determine the size and number of the modular sections required. Usually two pieces will suffice, but autoclave installation can also be in three or more modular sections. Once the dimensions of elevators, door openings, corridors and working space are measured, the route to be taken by the individual sections is carefully studied to be sure each can be transported through the existing facility corridors and doorways. The size of the individual sections are then determined and the applicable engineering drawing is created.

Whether it is on an upper level floor, in the basement, or some other difficult to reach location, each section is rigged into position and welded together to ASME Code by ETC’s factory certified ASME welders. Pressure testing is then performed, witnessed and approved by the applicable state authorized inspector (AI). Upon completion of pressure testing, the doors, piping and remaining components are installed.  After site acceptance testing (SAT) is conducted and training is performed, the autoclave is ready for use. Problem Solved!

This Mini Bulk or Bulk size autoclave, assembled in your facility, carries the same 15 year warranty as a single piece autoclave manufactured at ETC’s facility. Additionally, the autoclave is assembled with minimal facility interruptions and adjustments.