ETC Sterilization is an international, leading innovator, providing Industrial Ethylene Oxide (EO), Mini Bulk & Bulk Steam Sterilization Systems.

Since 1969 ETC has provided EO and steam sterilization systems to leading domestic and international companies. Our seasoned personnel have many years of experience, designing, manufacturing and maintaining equipment sold by ETC.

Manufacturing – All Under One Roof
Each ETC sterilizer is designed and manufactured under the same roof. This means that the design, manufacture, and testing process of each chamber can be mindfully monitored to ensure the best product available. ETC is ISO 9001-2015 certified and is committed to providing superior quality product and services, while recognized as the leading innovator in the sterilization industry.

As applicable, our unique internal processes, programming expertise, and market knowledge allows the development of products for use in hazardous and non-hazardous areas. ETC employs design and safety tools aimed at meeting or exceeding customer specifications and expectations. Our exceptional safety record confirms that our approach to system design is the right one.

Innovation and Design Flexibility
ETC specializes in custom, innovative design solutions to accommodate any project requirement. Offering more design innovations than our competitors, all innovations are developed to address specific challenges that other manufacturers do not. Some of those design innovations include;