Perfect for efficient and effective sterilization of surgical instruments, bottles and other open containers, as well as a questionable water supply.

Since 1969, ETC has been manufacturing the M-138 portable steam field sterilizer, NSN 6530-00-926-2151 (a.k.a. “Big Bertha”). This robust, multi-purpose field sterilizer provides necessary sterilizer capabilities to remote areas in need.

  • M-138 Field Sterilizer
  • M-138 Field Sterilizer

M-138 Uses
The M-138 sterilizes surgical instruments, as well as any other hard, non-porous item, and is an essential component to any field hospital. It can also sterilize local water supplies, converting it into potable drinking water.
Water Recovery System
The water recovery system is a companion device to the M-138. It captures the exhaust steam and condensate and pumps the water back to the sterilizer for reuse. The system reduces water consumption in the sterilizer from 2.5 gallons to less than 1 quart per sterilizer load.
Lightweight and Portable
The M-138 weighs only 312 lbs. (141.52 kg). This allows it to be airlifted into virtually any location, and can be easily deployed via plane drop with a parachute.
Rugged Construction
The rugged military style casing of the M-138 is lightweight, comprised of an aluminum alloy that is unaffected by cold or heat extremes. All M-138 sterilizers come with a solid, olive drab, corrosion-resistant finish with an overall chamber capacity of 4.19 cu. ft.
Multiples Discount Available
When ordering multiple units, ETC is able to extend a significant discount to our valued customers. Contact a sales representative for details.
Replacement Parts
Replacement parts are available from ETC, no matter the age of your M-138.
Electric powered
The M-138 runs off of electricity, either a direct facility plug in or on power provided by a generator.